3,2,1 by JA Huss

01. March 2016 Romance 0
3,2,1 Book Cover 3,2,1
JA Huss

*For mature readers, 18+ only*

3,2,1 is a dark, romantic suspense novel by JA Huss.  In the book world of indie romance she’s kind of a big deal.  she is best known for her Rook and Ronin series and the spin-offs related to it.  3,2,1 is a standalone, however.  And where do I even begin in describing this book to you?

Well, first I will say that this review s probably going to be rather short as I don’t want to give too much of the plot away.  So what can I say???  This book is about Blue, Ark, and JD.  Ark and JD find Blue hiding in a shop’s entryway during a rainstorm.  She is crying, scared, and obviously in some sort of trouble.  Ark and JD are entrepreneurs and they do not have two of the three videos they need to meet the quota for the week.

Without giving too much away, Blue goes to their penthouse with them.  Ark and JD are both taken with her.  Ark is beginning to think she’s “the one”.  However, JD wants her also and Blue wants both.  She doesn’t feel safe unless she has both and the three begin a menage romance.  I don’t want to give anything else away about the plot so I will stop there.  However, I will say that Ark is absolute perfection and the end of the book makes me cry sad and happy tears.  Ark really is a stand up guy and Blue and him are perfect together.  In fact, throw JD in there and it becomes even more perfect.

Do not judge 3,2,1 by the fact that it is dark or that it is a menage.  A menage romance is generally not my cup of tea, but this worked on so many levels.  It is worth a read.  JA Huss never disappoints.  I swear she can do no wrong.

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