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I have recovered from my book slump!  Woo hoo!  Currently I am reading three very different books, but I am loving each in their own right.

Firstly, I started Meredith Wild’s Hacker series and am reading Hardwired.  This is a mature (18+) book.  I am loving the characters right now.  The push and pull between Erica and Blake is spectacular and you can almost feel the sexual tension as the reader.  This series has been recommended to me numerous times and I broke down and bought all of the books a month ago for my Kindle.  However, I came across Hardwired on the 1/2 off shelf at the local (local meaning a few towns north of my very rural town) bookstore.  I couldn’t pass up owning a hard copy of the book and started it that same day.

Yesterday I started Bad Feminist by Roxane Gay in audiobook format.  I bought the book on Audible.  The intro pulled me right in.  Aren’t we all bad feminists in some way?  We’re only human after all.  I am not too far into, but have been listening to it religiously in between taking care of a house and two kids.  The car is my favorite place to listen to an audiobook and since I have had to spend much of the day driving back and forth it has kept me company.  I love the style of the writing.  I have laughed and I have cringed.  It has made me say “hell, yes!” numerous times.  I have reminisced about my own tween and teen days of reading Sweet Valley High books (you will understand the reference if you have or do read this collection of essays).  Overall, so far it’s good.  Really good.

This morning, as I waited for the vet’s office to call about my new dog, I decided to find an ebook to read.  I went over what the library had to offer for a good hour then I decided to check Scribd.  First book I notice is Fallout, the final book in Ellen Hopkins’ Crank series.  I decided that finishing the series would be a good idea and we already know that I have an absolute love for Hopkins’ writing style, so I downloaded the book and started it right then and there.  The next time I raised my head it was an hour later and I am 10% in (Her books are long, but are written in poetical form.)  I still highly recommend this series to everyone if you love young adult realistic fiction.  And it reminded me to write that blog post on banned books that I haven’t gotten around to yet.  That will be coming, I swear.  Time gets away from me regularly.

So there it is.  Those are my three current books.  Hope you all are finding something fun and worthwhile to read!  Read on, friends, READ ON!

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