One True Loves by Taylor Jenkins Reid

06. July 2016 Chick Lit, Romance 0
One True Loves Book Cover One True Loves
Taylor Jenkins Reid
Women's Fiction
Washington Square Press

It’s been awhile since I posted anything.  It’s been awhile since I have finished a book, if I am being honest with you.  However, today I finished two!  So I am back into the groove of things!  Before I do the interview I should tell you all- I got a job!  At a little library where I live.  I check out books, I check in books; books are what I do all day!  I am told this is the perfect job for me and I can’t say that I disagree.  Every book I can think of is at my fingertips with a click of the mouse.  I get to tell people what i recommend and share awesome books with my patrons.  It’s great!

Now on to my review…  This book was…  Well, it was perfect.  One True Loves tells the story of Emma Blair.  As a teenager she can’t wait to get out of her hometown of Acton, Massachusetts and explore the world.  She meets the high school swim team captain, Jesse Lerner, and they are high school sweethearts.  They run off to college in California and they get married.  They have a life of traveling the world, being adventurous, being young and carefree.  The love they have for each other shows in everything they do.

On their first anniversary Jesse has an opportunity to go to Alaska.  They decide he should take the opportunity and he goes, but his helicopter goes down and he is gone.  Emma is heartbroken.  Her one true love is gone without a trace.  There is no body, no crash site, nothing.  She  returns to her hometown and her parent’s bookstore.  She grieves for two years when she finally decides it is time to move on.  She knows she will not forget her husband, but he’s gone and it is time for her to open her heart to love once again.  She runs into a former high school friend, Sam, and they fall in love.  She isn’t who she was when she was with Jesse anymore, she is a new version of herself.

Enter the shocking news that Jesse has been found at sea.  Now Emma has a husband and a fiance.  She is unclear as to what she is supposed to do under these circumstances.  What will happen?  Will she return to Jesse?  Or will she stay with Sam?  This is an emotional story, but a very real one.  I highly recommend this book to anyone who loves some good chick lit.  It will have you asking what you would do in the same situation.  What would you do?

“I am who I am because I loved you once.”


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