Waiting On You (Blue Heron Series Book 3) by Kristan Higgins

27. January 2016 Romance 0
Waiting On You Book Cover Waiting On You
Blue Heron Series
Kristan Higgins
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If you are looking for a quick and easy romance read, this is your book.  Waiting On You is book three in the Blue Heron Series by Kristan Higgins.  This book is a light-hearted, fluffy read.  I will say that there was one point towards the ending that I got a little teary-eyed, but overall it is a feel-good read.

In this book we meet Colleen and Lucas.  These two were high school sweethearts that broke-up after Colleen got some devastating family news.  Both of these characters are likeable, easy-going people.  Colleen will make you laugh out loud and your husband will be asking what’s so funny.  Lucas will make you want to take him in your arms and tell him that it’s all going to be okay.  You will also question their actions, especially during the break-up.  You will want to bop both of them on the head and ask why the hell they would do or say that.

This book takes place 10 years after the break-up.  Lucas is making his way back to Manningsport to help a dying uncle and Colleen never left.  You can tell that both of them still love the other.  They have never completely let go.  Their journey back to each other is cute and fun.  I loved Colleen’s humor throughout the book and how she would say the most inappropriate things from time to time.

I can’t come out and say there was anything negative about the book, exactly.  It was what it was.  If you know anything about Kristan Higgins you know she writes mass market paperbacks.  They are everywhere.  Look at your local Walmart and you will find at least one of her books there.  People love their fluffy romance.  I can’t say that I love them, but I do get in the mood for them and this definitely worked for that mood. I should also mention that this book can absolutely be read as a standalone.  I haven’t read any of the others and it all made perfect sense to me.

You can easily find this book at Amazon.com, your library, your favorite bookstore, most likely your local used bookstore, and your local chain stores.

Happy Reading, all!

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