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28. January 2016 Romance 0
Ryder Book Cover Ryder
Scorpio Stinger MC
Jani Kay

I have a thing for motorcycle club romances.  Some people may find this strange and weird coming from me, but I do.  I love the rough edge to a fun romance.  It often times adds a bit more angst to the story line as well.  Or at the very least it is a different kind of angst to what is found in your average romance.  Maybe I just have a thing for motorcycles even though I have never been on one.  Who knows.  But I enjoy my MC romance books more than I probably should.

Ryder is the prequel to Two World’s Colliding by Jani Kay.  I purchased the boxed set when it was available on Kindle because like I said… I have a thing for a good MC romance.  That being said, this book needs some work.  In particular, a good editor.  However, because I know that this is an indie author and they don’t always have access to any editor, let alone a good one, I can let some of the grammatical errors slide.  One pet peeve of mine though is using passed when it should be past.  Drives me bazonkers!  My ratings are generally not judged too wholeheartedly on grammar though.  So I gave this book a 3.

What’s it about?  In this book we meet Jade, a little rich girl, and Ryder, the Vice President to the Scorpio Stinger Motorcycle Club.  opposites attract and all that jazz.  And attract they do!  This is a prequel, as I said, so it is relatively short and fast paced.  We meet the characters, learn a little bit about their backgrounds, and how the two meet and start up their affair.  One big question is left hanging though.  What is her brother, who is a cop, going to say about her new “boyfriend”?  Well, I am sure we find out in the next book in this series which I will be reading soon.

This book is readily available at Amazon.com for Kindle and the Kindle App.  It’s a steal at $.99!  I should also note that this book contains mature content and is for 18+.

Read on, my friends!

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