Linda Braswell’s Quest for Respect: A Healing Guide for Survivors of Rape

05. February 2016 Nonfiction 0
Quest for Respect: A Healing Guide for Survivors of Rape
Linda Braswell

Linda Braswell wrote Quest for Respect after a survivor in a group she was leading asked for a book about healing after rape.  At 67 pages this book goes over the basics of healing which may be what some people need.  Just the basics.  However, as a survivor myself, I found this book lacking.  I have read numerous books on the politics of rape, healing from rape, college rape, etc. and this book rates below all others I have read.

Braswell provides little calls to action for the reader after each chapter.  I can see these working with the help of a therapist or other professional.  I just don’t see enough information to really help a survivor.  And the point where she talks of rape committed by someone personal to the survivor she says to confront them possibly and to see what they say.  If they ask for forgiveness.  You lost me there, Braswell.  You lost me.

This book is older so it may not be widely available anymore, but can be found on


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