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11. February 2016 Currently Reading 0

I have been in what us avid readers call a book slump.  Or maybe I have just been in a slump myself.  Either way what has resulted is a lot of starting books and no follow-thru.  So…  I haven’t updated like I should because I haven’t been able to actually finish anything.  But I am trying!

Currently I am reading In the Stillness by Andrea Randall.  How do I classify this novel?  Ummm…  It’s chick lit in some ways, it definitely has a romance (I’m a sucker for romance, you will find this out about me).  This book is Serious with a capital S.  It has a soldier coming home from Afghanistan in it.  It has a cutter in it.  It has PTSD in it.  It has a broken marriage in it.  It has dreams, hopes, aspirations lost in it.  And I am hoping that in the end we see great character changes.  I want to see those lost dreams, hopes, and aspirations become reality.  We shall see.  This book is relatable to me because the main character is a stressed out stay at home mom.  What can I say?  Just because I like staying at home doesn’t mean I don’t get stressed out!  This book was recommended to me with 6 out of 5 stars.  So it is with high hopes that I continue reading.  Even if it is slower than usual.

Read on, my friends!  Read on!

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